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Author: Rebecca Seidler–Owner of Aging In Place Safely, LLC. I am a CAPS certified Home Modification Specialist with expertise in creating homes for life.  I am an occupational therapy assistant and have experience in the construction industry as well. My passion in life is to create homes that are easy to live in.


Week 11

Electronic Must Haves for Aging In Place Safely

Statistics show 90% of the 65 and older population want to stay living in their own home. They want freedom, independence and the comfort of their home.  This is terrific, and my mission in life to keep people living at home. But, there are concerns and worries that the homeowners, caregivers and children face when their parents are home alone. There are many electronic products that can help reduce your worries.

My #1 recommendation for aging in placers is to have a life alert button. You will be able to contact 911 and/or your children/caregivers with the press of a button. This reduces the need to carry a cell phone around the home. It alleviates the worry that if a fall or medical complication occurs, there is access to help. Life alert buttons can be worn around the neck, as a watch, or a bracelet. Manufacturers are now producing fashion forward life alert buttons for everyone.

Do you worry about hearing the phone or viewing the numbers to dial family and friends? Are your parents missing phone calls? An easy solution is a talking phone with large buttons that will speak out and list who is calling. The buttons are large enough, and can be lit up so it is easy to see and to dial.  There are speakers attached to the phones which will call out the name and phone number of the caller. The speaker volume can be adjusted.

If you worry about the water temperature and letting the water get too hot, a temperature activated flow reducer can be installed on your faucets. These gadgets come with an attachment that is screwed onto your faucets. The faucet and shower water will be turned off if the water gets too hot.  This helps prevent burns.

Having trouble remembering to take your medication? Caregivers worry that their parents are not taking their medications, or not taking them correctly? A good solution for that problem is to have an automatic pill dispenser and pill reminder. There are many features offered by different manufactures. There are pill dispensers on the market that have alarms and timers for the homeowner. Some will send messages to children/caregivers if medication was not taken. Some pill dispensers will send medication reminders to the users by phone or email.

If it is difficult to hear the front doorbell or telephone ringing, an easy fix is to install a flashing light signaler. When the doorbell rings or there is a phone call, a flashing light will be triggered so the homeowners will know someone is at the door or on the phone.

A must have for your loved ones living at home is a monitoring system. There are many high tech monitoring systems available that will report to caregivers and children any changes in their parent’s routine or changing home patterns. These systems will send an email or text to a caregiver if the shower water is left running for an unusual amount of time, the refrigerator is left opened or stays closed, has motion detectors, and monitors when the house gets too warm or too cold. These devices are there to watch over your parents, and make sure there are no events that are different from your parent’s normal routine.

The items listed above are a few of the important devices to help the parents stay “aging in place safely”, and to help their children/caregivers have peace of mind that their parents will be safe. There are dozens of other electronic products on the market to help with a variety of needs in the home. Do your research!! Find the products that work best for your family.

For Now My Friends, Stay Tuned and Stay Living Safe…


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