Decorating For Safety When Aging In Place


When living at home as an older adult, it is important to take a look at decorating so your home remains safe for the occupant’s. As we age, we tend to have low vision and see less clearly. Colors that we see change, becoming more yellowed. More light is required so the homeowners can see things with better-quality.

Always make sure you use contrasting colors on the top and bottom steps of a staircase. Also, place a contrast color between the stair tread and risers. Make sure there is plenty of light in the stair area, and handrails to reduce fall risks.

Use warm colors on the walls such as greens, beiges, reds, oranges, taupe’s etc. Remember, the older adults tend to see more yellowing in colors so make sure you paint a sample on the wall for the residents to see before painting a whole wall.

Lighting is extremely important for an aging in place home owner. The home should be well lit with rocker style light switches. Task lighting can be used in the kitchen and bathroom areas or any other work areas including offices, sewing rooms etc. Sensor lights should be placed outside the front door and back door.  Sidelights have to be placed by the front door/foyer area. Light switches need to be placed by each room entrance at an accessible location.

There should always be a contrast between changing flooring materials and changing surface heights including carpet to tile, wood floors to carpet, wood floors to tile and linoleum to carpet. Flooring should be non-skid with no glare.

Use lever handles on doors and “D” shaped pulls/handles for drawers. Glass front cabinet doors and open shelving makes it both easier to see, and easier to access kitchen items.  Cabinets/pantries with roll out drawers or lazy-susans are helpful and convenient to use.

Use these hints when decorating an aging in place home. These decorating tips will make the home functional, safe and accessible for its residents and more enjoyable to live in.

Please feel free to always call me with any questions on Aging In Place.

For Now My Friends, Stay Tuned and Stay Living Safe…



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